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  We are confident that you will find Ridgewood Oaks Apartments every bit as endearing as the town it's located in.  We pay for heat, water, sewage, and trash removal.  We have spacious closets and bathroom areas, and on-site laundry facilities, as well as great management and maintenance staff.  We take pride in our communication between residents and staff.  We provide a monthly newsletter filled with exciting news and events.  Barrier free apartments are on site.  Rent based on income.


About Us

"The Art Coast of Michigan"

The Saugatuck/Douglas area is unusual (among Midwest frontier towns), in that it did not experience either the destruction of the fires that hit most towns in the mid to late 1800's, or the railroad that brought modernization and urban growth. Because of this, the villages of Saugatuck and Douglas provide a rare opportunity to observe pre- and post-Civil War Greek Revival and Italianate architecture, together with later structures in the Arts & Crafts and Colonial Revival manner.

When the trees were gone, so were the lumbermen. But Saugatuck and Douglas thrived, turning to shipping and fruit growing as a source of income in the latter part of the 1800s. Peaches from the area were called "Michigan Gold: and were shipped by large steamships to the Chicago market. Hundreds of ships of various types were built in Saugatuck shipyards and the town was a haven for ship captains.

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